Jamesport Vineyards Launches New Website

Jamesport Vineyards Launches New Website

With a goal to in mind to create wines of classic beauty Jamesport Wines has rebuilt their current website. The goal was to sell high demand wines online as well as give clients the ability to book a room. These are some of the reasons why Jamesport Vineyards launches new website. “When I received a phone call to rebuild Jamesport Vineyards website I was excited!. This vineyard has been a Long Island staple since 1986 and I am so happy to be a small part of that! There are so many events that take place are Jamesport Vineyards and now we have the ability to add them easily”. Commented Benjamin Marc CEO, Anthony Savino. 

First, we implemented all of Jamesport Vineyards signature wines and broke them down to east end, estate, reserve and their wholesale collection. You can now shop wines of your choosing and have them shipped to your home safely and quickly. The ability for online visitors to buy wine directly on the website is a huge convenience for shoppers. Not only does Jamesport offer decadent wines but they also serve delicious food year round. So now we also offer a food delivery option for locals that can’t get enough of our tasty foods. A full in house menu is also available for patrons dining with us.

Making a reservation through the website was a must have as well. Now Jamesport Vineyard visitors can simply reserve a table directly online and just show up. Finally, we added a booking system that would allow visitors to book a room to stay overnight at the vineyards.

The web design company also added several other amazing attributes to the website such as:

  • Customers can be a part of Jamesport Vineyards Wine Club
  • Take advantage of on sale fall wines
  • This website is in full compliance with all policies such as: ADA, Cookies, Return, Privacy.
  • Our facility complies with all Covid-19 regulations


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